Usman Pirzada’s Niece and Model Zara Peerzada Got Engaged

Usman Pirzada’s Niece and Model Zara Peerzada Got Engaged
Scenes from a Haan , On a late Sunday afternoon, two slightly dysfunctional but incredibly warm and loving families got together to celebrate their frustrating children after many years of waiting for us to be ready.

I am so grateful that we were given the time to explore ourselves as partners and as individuals without pressure (ok there was some pressure @ mama) to be able to enjoy this moment fully, without any doubt.
I am very self conscious about sharing my personal life and even more so about sharing public adoration – but I adore you @sarwan_saleh
. Thank you for being the most gentle, loving partner who bears all my neurosis with grace and understanding.
I still wish you didn’t sleep so much but Its okay kyoun kay main bohot khush houn (and you keep me well fed)
It felt easy, like it always has, and it felt like home, like it always has been.
There was laughter and food and cake and flowers and only the biggest smiles and only a few inappropriate jokes (which is a triumph)

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