Shagufta Ijaz Iftar at her Daughter’s House

Shagufta Ijaz Iftar at her Daughter Anya Ali’s House in Islamabad. Pictures by Shagufta Ijaz Youtube Channel ” Shagufta Ejaz” 

Shagufta Ijaz embraces the spirit of Ramadan as she enjoys Iftar at her daughter’s house, surrounded by love and familial warmth. In these heartwarming moments, the family shares blessings and camaraderie, creating a memorable gathering filled with joy. Shagufta’s radiant smile reflects the happiness of being together with loved ones during this auspicious time. Guests indulge in the delicious meal and the shared bond of affection, strengthening family ties. Shagufta Ijaz’s Iftar at her daughter’s house exemplifies the essence of togetherness and gratitude, inspiring others to cherish the blessings of Ramadan and the precious moments spent with family.

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