Ramsha Khan and Mehwish Hayyat at Trailor Launch of their Upcoming Movie

Ramsha Khan and Mehwish Hayyat graced the trailer launch of their highly anticipated movie, “Teri Meri Kahaniyan.” The event was abuzz with excitement as fans eagerly awaited a glimpse of the film. Alongside them, the talented actors Wahaj Ali and Zahid Ahmed joined the star-studded cast, adding to the anticipation surrounding the project.

The trailer showcased a captivating blend of romance, drama, and emotion, leaving the audience intrigued and yearning for more. Ramsha, Mehwish, Wahaj, and Zahid exuded confidence and charm, promising a remarkable cinematic experience. With their stellar performances, “Teri Meri Kahaniyan” is set to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of moviegoers.

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