Pakistani Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

Pakistani Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

The Pakistani showbiz industry is blessed with many great actors and bewitching models since ever. But do you know that some of the most famous onscreen hotties have been working in the industry since their childhood but very few knew some of them.

Here is a list of such great actors who have been a part of the industry since their childhood:

Mehwish Hayat:

Very few knew that the super famous diva has been a part of the industry since ever. She worked in commercials and TV dramas as a child star as well.

Faisla Qureshi:

Faisal Qureshi the most famous actor of the era has also been a part of the industry even as a child. He worked in the most famous drama of that time Andhera Ujala.

Zohaib Khan:

He is known as the most watched and most loved child actor of Pakistan as he was seen in every other drama due to his mind blowing acting skills. He is also a grown up now.

Arisha Khan:

Arisha is also known as the most famous child star. She has always been signed for mega projects and has earned a fame that many others failed to. She has also turned into a beautiful diva now.

Aiman and Minal khan:

Aiman and Minal khan both the twin sisters joined the industry as child stars and rose to fame in a very short time due to their bewitching beauty and marvelous acting skills.

Sara Kashif:

Born in 2003, Sara Kashif Rajput, made her debut in showbiz back in 2011 in Humsafar. Her acting skills were so fine that she became a child star from that very drama. 

Fazal Hussain:

Syed Fazal Hussain is an adorable actor who started his career as a child star. He appeared in the film ‘Ramchand Pakistan’ in the year 2008 as well. He is known for his fantabulous acting skills which always made him the priority of every director.