Mawra Hussain Performed Umrah with her Mother

Namaz E ishq krien gay ada madinay mien…Barah e raast hai rah e khuda madinay mien…

i have no words.. it was the best experience of my life.. while I look forward to performing Umrah tonight InshaAllah, I want to share that visiting masjid E Nabwi & having the most special privilege of praying nawafil at Riaz ul Jannah (second image) has been the calmest & peaceful experience of my life..
while it’s so personal I wanted to share a glimpse of it with all of you & let you know that I prayed for everyone.. 

Please be kind… be kind.. I met the kindest people in Madinah & I will never forget their faces & their warmth ever… I am incredibly grateful to Zainab & her Mother who guided me & mama through the entire experience like angels… so much knowledge.. so many ziarahs.. I will try to share more once I get a hang of all of it myself.. ahh Madinah..

May Allah accept all our prayers & guide us 

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