Latest Photoshoot of Ayeza Khan for Designer Ali Xeeshan

Shabo Shehzadi is a vibe! It’s an emotion of joy, a celebration and excitement of simpler things in life. The magic reflects in every piece of the unstitched festive collection incapsulating 12 beautiful designs – Launching on 7th October worldwide.

Paying homage to the fabulous Shabnum jee and Madam Noor Jehan, our new campaign شبو شہزادی celebrates all the legends of the Pakistani film Industry.

Our tribute to the legend of Shabnam Jee. An absolute honor to imitate this iconic performance of our Pakistani Heroin! It took me 3 nights of constant study to somehow be able to perform this! And to have it done on the singing of another legend, Madam Noor Jahan! It was such a dream! I had so much fun on-set shooting this with the talented Ali Xeeshan!

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