Latest Clicks of Shaista Lodhi with her Son Shafay

Latest Clicks of Shaista Lodhi with her Son Shafay ..

Shaista Lodhi was born in Karachi to Ali Gohar Lodhi and Roshan Taj Lodhi. She grew up in a family with three brothers (Amir Lodhi, Tahir Lodhi and Sahir Lodhi). Shaista has a brother named Sahir Lodhi, who is also a famous host, model and actor of Pakistan showbiz industry.  

Shaista Lodhi is also known as one of the pioneers of the morning show trend in Pakistan. She has been hosting morning shows for quite a long time and now she has decided to work as a doctor only, that is her profession. She has her own aesthetic clinic in Karachi where she provides beauty treatments to her clients. Most of her clientage come from showbiz for sure.   

Lodhi shared some of her beautiful pictures with her elder son Shaafay and her fans cannot believe their eyes as Shaista looks too young to be the mother of such a grown up and handsome son mashaAllah! We wish both of them all the very best for a bright future!