Late Amjad Sabri’s Daughter Hoorain Amjad Got Married

Late Amjad Sabri’s Daughter Hoorain Amjad Got Married.

Amjad Sabri was a Pakistani Qawwali singer, known for his performances of Sufi devotional music. He was a popular and respected figure in the Qawwali community and had a large following in Pakistan and around the world. Tragically, Sabri was assassinated in Karachi in 2016, at the age of 45. His death was widely mourned and he was remembered for his contributions to music and for his devotion to his art. Amjad Sabri was known for his powerful and soulful voice and was consid

His Daughter Hoorain Amjad Sabri just got married, Anchor and host Maya Khan shared the beautiful pictures. Congratulations to the new couple 

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