Iqra Aziz Celebrating her 24th Birthday with Husband Yasir Hussain

Iqra Aziz Celebrating her 24th Birthday with her Husband Yasir Hussain. Iqra Aziz is a popular Pakistani drama actress who started her career in 2013 and she won 8 different awards of the best actress. she got married to Yasir Hussain in 2019.

Yasir Hussain shared birthday pictures and wrote a beautiful birthday message for his wife Iqra Aziz. he said, Happy Birthday Bivi number 1 .its not necessary to say I love You because our sign of love Kabir Hussain is with us, Masha Allah. From proposal to the wedding to our Son, you are still Beautiful and Bold . May our life be the same in the future as well and I am happy for you .every passing year she looks young and beautiful , its curious case of Iqra Aziz