Fahad Mustafa Celebrating Birthday of his Daughter Fatima

Fahad Mustafa Celebrating the Birthday of his Daughter Fatima with his family. Fahad Mustafa shared beautiful pictures of his daughter’s birthday party. Yummy cake was made by thesugarshackpakistan. Fahad Mustafa and Sana Fahad Celebrated their Daughter’s 12th Birthday.

Fahad Mustafa and Sana Fahad are got married in 2006 and blessed with a daughter in 2011 and Son in 2016. Fahad Mustafa worked in many Pakistani dramas and got fame in 2008-2009, His one of the best drama serials was ”Main Abdul Qadir Hoon”. 

Fahad Mustafa left acting in dramas and now he is only working in Movies. He made his own drama production company Big Bang Entertainment and produced many hit drama serials

Fahad Mustafa with her Cute Daughter Fatima Fahad 

Friends and Family at the Birthday Party of Fahad Mustafa’s Daughter Fatima Fahad 




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