Beautiful Wedding Pictures of 18 Years Old Pakistani Couple

A young couple’s wedding videos and photos have gone viral on social media over the last few days, but for all the wrong reasons as personal appearances, especially the youthful look of the teenage groom was made a mockery of, turning what should have been a time of happiness and celebration for the young couple into one of ridicule and stress, so much so that the groom’s sister clarified the entire situation surrounding her brother’s marriage on her Instagram.

Let us learn to be respectful and mindful of people, especially on the internet instead of wasting time with trolling and poking fun at real people with actual feelings. Photo by Moazzam Azam Photography

This cute young teenage couple is taking the internet by storm with their cute dance video at their wedding reception

The Groom is younger brother of tiktok star Zarpash Khan

Groom’s Sister Zarpash Khan