Aiman and Muneeb Family Dinner with Minal and Ahsan

Aiman and Muneeb at Dinner with Minal and Ahsan . Muneeb Butt recently shared pictures and videos of her Dinner at PC Karachi. Muneeb Butt on her youtube channels shared a video of dinner with his wife Aiman Khan and Daughter Daughter Amal Muneeb. they went to PC Karachi for Dinner where they met Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin. Muneeb Butt said that its not planned it is a coincidence.

Muneeb Butt when stopped at security checkpoint and told that bags inside his car is his dramas related stuff, he is currently working in two dramas Baddua and another one is coming soon so few bags for Baduda drama wardrobe and others for upcoming drama stuff