Yumna Zaidi Won Two Best Actress Awards at Lux Style Awards

Yumna Zaidi owned the 20th Lux  Style Awards with two wins in one nigh for her Hum tv Drama ”Pyar Kay Sadqay” , She did not only get critically acclaimed award for Best Actor-female but also proved to be a fan-favorite with the highest votes in the viewer’s choice category.

Yumna Zaidi said, Sharing an overwhelming moment from last night,2021 has been really lucky for me.
“Yeh wohi Allah hai “ . “If you would count up the favors of ALLAH, never you would be able to number them,for ALLAH is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful “ an-Nahl”16:18

Thanks, Lux Style Awards Jury Thanks to all those beautiful people have voted for me Best Actress critics
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