Singer Zeb Bangash Got Married

Beautiful Music sensational Cokestudio artist Zeb Bangash got nikhafied on this sunday in the presence of her family friends and relatives. Nikah was done on skype because her husband reside in USA by profession he is a doctor and has started his residency this year at duke university in psychiatry.

It all happened in a flash but felt so right as everything just seemed to fall into place. I am thankful and happy. says Zeb Bangash

Wishing the best of married life and future to super talented and melodious Zeb Bangash of Zeb and Haniya duo for tying knots, this past weekend on Sunday in #Lahore. It is reported that her husband said his “qabool hai x 3” on Skype, as he’s in USA doing his psychiatric residency from Duke University!