Scents for your Manicure Pedicure

Posted on Sep 13 2012 - 11:58am by Fashion

manicure pedicureWhen going for the manicure and pedicure, all you want to end up with is to end up looking pretty and clean. But when the same process can be made luxurious, with your favorite scents, why would not you go for it, right?  Here we have got for you some of the most attractive and enticing scents for your manicure and pedicure that you could take advantage of!

Coffee Manicure Pedicure:

Enjoying the complete four steps of coffee manicure pedicure. Maintaining a set of healthy nails through removal of cuticles, giving a proper shape to your nails and buffing them to add a shine is what this mani- pedi aims for. It even consists of a hydrating skin mask with shea butter and caffeine, which helps to invigorate your hands and feet. Restoring younger looking hands with its espresso scrub is then followed by a healing cappuccino massage with shea butter with finishes off with some polishing. The energizing boost of caffeine plus a rich, tantalizing coffee aroma is designed to get you up and going.

Hazelnut Chocolate Manicure Pedicure:

This sensual, soothing chocolate treatment starts with the removal of the cuticle, shaping and then buffing. Moisturizing your skin with this creamy, tender hazelnut chocolates scrub and then getting an aromatic message with Hazelnut chocolate Shea Butter followed by adding shine by polishing a probably the best treat for your body. Rich luxurious, sensational this chocolate manicure will ooze out joy and happiness.

Papaya Pineapple Manicure Pedicure:

The papaya pineapple manicure pedicure massage gives the ideal skip for non-greasy spa massage plus light moisture. Followed with natural sugar crystals to reduce calluses and Danish dry, rough skin, plus papaya extract to help exfoliate and revitalize your skin. This massage is filled with the extracts of juicy papaya and antioxidant pineapple plus natures most soothing and effective botanicals.

 Green tea soak Manicure Pedicure:

Through the green tea massage you can eliminate impurities from your skin without removing any of the natural oil.

The green tea scrub helps fortify skin cells against aging. Spread the pure green clay lavishly on to your feet to eliminate wrinkles giving your skin a youthful glow. Green tea with Shea butter is an excellent massage lotion that will give your hands and feet a glowing look.

Strawberry Manicure Pedicure:

Try a sensory journey of the ultimate strawberry manicure pedicure treatment. It begins with a deliciously scented strawberry short cake bath salt. Rub your feet delicately with a strawberry sugar scrub, polishing away the dead skin cells. Strawberry yogurt mask, an emollient to boost the reborn of supple skin. You will be lulled to a dreamland with a strokes massage, using a strawberry butter cream.  Polish your nails and end the session with the strawberry shortcake spray, leaving your skin with sweet, smelling sensation.







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