Pakistan’s Famous Mind Reader Shaheer Khan Got Married

 he shared wittily. “It’s helped a lot with my love life though. I caught two ex girls friends who were cheating on me by reading their minds.

Shaheer Khan has taken Pakistan by storm with his mind-boggling ability to read your mind.

Many people claim that the only way to explain his abilities is by the use of the supernatural. So we jokingly asked him. “That is not the case. There is no jadoo involved.

he said “I also liked performing magic tricks. But as I grew up, I decided that I wanted to do something unique and authentic, so I started mind reading. It’s 100 per cent real for my audience. There are no tricks or illusions. It happens in the minds of the people in the audience.”

Few Days ago he got married 

he also read the mind of Mahira Khan and Aima Baig you can Watch the video at the end of this post 

here is the video where he read mind of Aima Baig and she said im sacred of you 

watch full video it will start after 4-5 seconds 

here is another video with Mahira Khan