Pakistani Model Sunita Marshall Wedding Pictures

Sunita Marshall has been known out to be amongst the top leading models and actresses in the fashion and TV world. It would not be wrong to say that there is no single fashion show that is completed without the appearance of Sunita Marshall. She has even given away many appearances as by far appearing in the modelling campaigns and shoots.

Pakistani Model Sunita Marshall Wedding Pictures


Sunita Marshall is a Christian by religion but she decided to spend her rest of the life with a Muslim. In the year 2008, Sunita Marshall got married with Hassan Ahmed who is also the model in the same field. Sunita Marshall belongs to the Christian family whereas the Hassan Ahmed was a Muslim. It is quite surprising to note that the wedding ceremony was conducted as under the traditions of both the religions.


At first the wedding was arranged in Christian traditions and rituals in a Church. At the main wedding day Sunita Marshall was wearing long white gown and Hassan Ahmed was dressed in black suit. After it the wedding was arranged in Islamic traditions. At the day of mehndi Sunita Marshal was wearing yellow and green color suit. So many models and well known faces from the fashion world were captured up at the main wedding day such as Iraj, Tooba, Munib Nawaz, Rubab and many more.

At the day of Barat Sunita Marshall was wearing red color dress and Hassan Ahmed was decently dressed in black suit. You can even check out Sunita Marshall wedding pictures given right under!