Most Awaited Review of Drama Baaghi Episode 16

Baaghi Episode 16 Review Written by Ana Arif 

In this episode, the element of hypocrisy in showbiz is brought to light. Although this attitude is found everywhere yet it is strongly connected to media preferably showbiz. In the opening scene of the episode, her family’s poor condition is pointed out which shows that she had been struggling for her family as far as it was possible for her. Her brother is kicked out of the school becaus his fee wasn’t paid for three months. At that point, he recalls his sister telling his mother that she not only managed his fee anyhow but also used to give him pocket money on daily basis. It shows her sincere and loving nature for those whom she is connected to. In the next scene, the cold war b/w Baloch and Salman is shown. Basically, both are doing it in order to get fame by using cheapest ways as short cut.

At first, Baloch was doing it just to uncover the real face of Salman but afterwards on the advice of her friend Rehan, she adopted it as a mean to getting fame overnight. People started abusing her in comments and inbox, to which she responded the way they deserved. She said some remarkable dialogues in this episode which stand for our so called hypocritical behaviour as an individual and even as a society. When many men inboxed her with lewd texts, she replied them with these remarkable words, “I had no idea that the busy men like you could be so much available to inbox a wronged woman for no good reason”, which is like a slap in the face of our society’s naked patriarchy. She lays alot of stress on eliminating hypocrisy from our lives. She claims in her videos that she is the least hypocrite of all as she isn’t the one who has contrast in her doings and sayings. She meets Gohar and asks him to get her some commercials.

He offers her one but she denies saying that she deserves class A ads now as she has transformed herself wholly. Gohar gives almost a shut up call to her and asks her to obey him as this is all she is supposed to do if she wants to get some work. In The next scene ,it is shown that her elder brother and his wife are leaving their home. He don’t think about his siblings and parents but he only does what pleases his wife although his mother tries hard to restrain him from going away but remains fruitless. In the following scene Bloch as a mother could be seen very emotional. She cries like hell and finally calls her ex husband’s sister and asks her if she can make her hear her son’s voice. She, in response, gives a very harsh answer and tells her not to call again as she has adopted her son and he is very happy with her. On hearing this, Baloch becomes very despondent and proclaims that one day she will get her son back.

It gives a glimpse of the ugliest face of our society, without being aware of context we tag every woman infedile and characterless if she has to face such situation in life. Poison is imbued in the minds of their children against their characterless mother that she never loved them etc. In this scene which is also a continuation to the last one, a boy catches Baloch at bus station and recognises her at Once. He requests her for a selfie that she accepts warmly. But afterwards he posts those pictures on his Facebook account and jest at her by conferring her with different cheap titles. It hurts her more than anything else as he was her very first fan she happened to meet till the date. Rehan somehow manages to make her understand that if she wants to survive in this cruel world, she herself will have to become hypocrite. It is also betoken as a general perception of human nature that when somebody is unable to inject his positivity in others, he himself becomes like them. It is also termed as embracing the bitter reality. In the success of this drama,it is not only Saba Qamar’s bewitching acting, infact it is a team work. Everybody in this drama has justified their role to the best which is making it perfectly flawless. This drama is going to break all the records and gonna set a new one.

Baaghi Episode 16 Review Written by Ana Arif