Latest Pictures of Actor Shan Baig with Wife his Michelle

Latest Pictures of Actor Shan Baig with Wife Michelle

Shan Baig is an accomplished and versatile actor we have in the industry since 2015 and is winning the hearts of people with his impactful performances . He got married to Mishal Saifee Rajpoot in 2019 and is living a blessed life . Shan Baig mostly worked in television series such as Babul Ka Angna , Roshni , Manjdhar , Ishq Ya Rabba and Ume Haniya . He has 3 siblings two brothers and One sister.

Shan Baig used to make Dub-Smash videos for the sake of fun. His friend Zara Khan who is Salma Agha’s daughter from India noticed and gave him a call. She tried to convince him for moving back to India or Pakistan from Chicago USA where he was settled, doing business. She asked him to pursue his career in acting instead of business. Her positive approach and motivation made him take a step towards the industry thats how his career in Pakistani Dramas Began .