Javeria Saud Cooking with her Daughter Jannat at Home

Javeria Saud Cooking with her Daughter Jannat at Home. you can watch the complete video at the end of this post.

Javeria Saud is a Pakistani TV and film actress, producer of TV shows and a well-known host of morning TV shows. Before getting married to the famous Pakistani film star Saud she was known as Javeria Jalil. She got married to Saud on 25 December,2005 and adopted her married family name as Javeria Saud.

She could always be seen as a super woman who would write dramas, act in those written by her and sing OST and also look after her family at the same time. She is much appreciated for all these traits in her social circle and colleagues. She is a multi talented person who won’t fail the ones she is connected to. She recently shared her quarantined routine and showed the people how her beautiful and equally talented daughter helps her in cooking and other households as well.

Jannat is also a child star and has been getting immense love from her fans since she was a baby. She is also known as a responsible kid who would love to assist her parents whenever they need her. We wish them all the best for their future undertakings!