Iqra Aziz with Makeup Artist Waqar Hussain

Makeup Artist Waqar Hussain shared pictures with Iqra Aziz and her son Kabir Hussain . he visited Iqra Azzi to meet her new born baby. he said, Iqra Aziz is like my Daughter 

He shared the pictures and said, Personally Iqra Aziz is really close to my heart. She is one of my favorite people & Now MashAllah. She  is a mother of a baby KABIR . After holding KABIR I just feel like that now I become a grandparent because Iqra Aziz is just like my daughter.Thank you so much for welcoming me warmly into your home Iqra and Yasir. Lot’s of love for little KABIR . Saada Khush Raho ،