How to Brighten the Toe nails at home

Posted on Jul 30 2013 - 6:09pm by faiza

brighten the toenailsToe nails sometimes looks very dirty when it turned to be yellow, and you covered your toenails with coloured nail polish. There are many products in market that remove the stains from the nails without any harmful affects. Toenails looks very pretty when your nails white and bright. Here are home made tricks to whiten the toenails.

  • Cut a lemon in half and cut off the slice, then rub the pulpy part of the lemon slice over your toenails for 20 seconds. After that rinse with warm water.
  • Fill the bowl with hot water but not too hot. Pour ½ cup Epsom salt and mix the salt in water. Soak your toes for 30 minutes and then wash with cool water.
  • Pour 2tbsp of baking soda in to a bowl. Add 1tbsp water. Stir it well and make the paste. Spread the paste over the toenails with your fingers. And wait for 20 minutes then wash with fresh water.
  • Soak cotton swab in tea tree oil. Each morning or night after you take the shower rub he oil top of your nails. This is the actual way to get rid of discoloration of toenails.
  • Apply half of lemon juice in baking soda and make the thick paste. This also works best for yellow nails.
  • Mix 1tbsp of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and 2-½ tbsp of baking soda in small bowl. Apply this on nails for 20 minutes.

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