Stylo’s Eid Collection 2016

Introducing Stylo’s Eid Collection 2016!

Pakistan’s leading footwear company, Stylo, is proud to present its exciting new Eid Collection 2016 to all its valued customers! For this particular festivity, Stylo has over 60 handcrafted pairs and 800 unique designs under the umbrella of both a metallic, glitzy style that evokes a modern, futuristic feel, and a simpler, colorful variety for a more ‘summery’ and ethnic look. The new collection boasts a range that embody the many hues of Eid in Pakistan – all the colour, tradition, bling and glamor for those post-Ramadan celebrations.





From formal chappals and ethnic khusas to colorful sandals, multi-strap flats, kitten heels and glittering pumps, the Eid Collection of 2016 is a handcrafted mix that appeals to children and women of all ages, yet still retains the signature Stylo factor as sophisticated yet comfortable formal and fancy Eid footwear. The handcrafted khusas and kohlapuris are embroidered or painted in traditional earthy and primal tones. The open-toed shoes are, in addition, a practical option in this scorching summer heat. Children have the option of choosing among peshawari sandals (boys) and ballerina sandals (girls). This year’s Eid collection not only has a great range but also excellent prices, between PKR 790 to PKR 2,000, and is available across Stylo outlets nationwide. But why step outside in the current weather conditions? Stylo has also launched its Eid collection on its website for the convenience of its loyal customers. Now they can find any style they desire from the comfort and coolness of their own homes and have it delivered well before Eid festivities set in!


CEO Yasar Rashid shared the concept behind his range: “Stylo’s 2016 Eid Collection is all about festivity, style and comfort that cater to women – young and old – from all walks of life.” He added, “We are also celebrating colors this season by incorporating bright, vibrant shades in our collection. This Eid, the Stylo collection has something for everyone; be it kids, young girls, middle aged or old women- definitely something not to be missed.”

stylo (1)


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Stylo has come into its own at the forefront in the retail market where it occupies diverse segments in terms of age, gender, type, size and casual, semi-formal and formal categories. It appeals to a mass consumer base as it proffers shoes for every occasion, from daily wear to working shoes to classier party wear.  Stylo also made a headway into the clothing business with its brand, Fabrizio, so that customers can be assured of high-quality casual and formal apparel to match its trendy footwear. The brand also works in handbags and jewelry. Ladies no longer need to find multiple stores to complete their look; Stylo has it all and more. It’s no wonder the brand has upheld its name in Pakistan and abroad as one of high-quality, sophistication and class.

A Makeup Secret That Will Save You Hundreds (never buy wipes again!)

Makeup remover wipes are expensive, but they don’t have to be. These DIY wipes are easy to make and super gentle on your face.

wipes (7)

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need:
Utility Knife
Paper Towel Roll
Container With A Lid That Holds At Least 1 Quart
Quart of warm water
1 to 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
1 to 2 Squirts of Face Wash

wipes (1)

First mix the water, face wash and coconut oil in the bowl. Set it aside.

wipes (2)

Cut the paper towel roll in half.

wipes (3)

Take the lid off of the container and put half of the roll in.

wipes (4)


Pour the solution from the bowl into the container.

wipes (5)


Now use your makeup remover wipes!

wipes (6)


100+ Mehndi Designs for Eid 2015

100+ Mehndi Designs for Eid 2015

100+ Mehndi Designs for girls Eid ul fitar 2015

In modern days every girl use Mehndi Designs 2015 because they want to look perfect. For perfect look everything should be perfect and Mehndi is one of those things. Today I will tell you something about these patterns and as you know henna enhance the beauty of our hands.

How To Lose 10 Pounds in One Week

How-To-Lose-10-Pounds-in-One-Week-700x467 If you are sick of trying every single diet without having any visible  results, this is the most effective daily meal plan if you want to lose those  pounds fast.

This diet is a great way to detox your body, lasts only one week and it is  quite promising, which means you will lose 10 pounds.

It consists of ingredients that will satisfy your hunger and shred your fat, divided into three main meals and one snack.

Here’s the recipe to a slimmer you:


You should start your day with a lemon drink, which is one glass of mild water and 3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed organic lemon.

Mix it well and drink it on an empty stomach daily before your breakfast. Lemon water will hydrate and alkalize your body in the morning and therefore regulate your pH, which is crucial for fighting off diseases.

This drink will cleanse your liver from all the toxins and prepare and activate your metabolism for digestion during the day.

Just half an hour after the lemon water has passed through your digestive system, you can eat either two apples or two oranges, or just one grapefruit. If the fruit is not enough and you are still hungry, you can also add ½ a cup of nuts, almonds or hazelnuts.

This combination of fruit and nuts will provide you with nutrients and healthy fats for the whole day. The calories content of the nuts will keep your stomach full and satisfied.


Your lunch should consist of pure protein and here we give you the options of meat and dairy you can choose to get your protein. You can have 5 ounces of organic boneless skinless chicken breast or 5 ounces of organic veal.

To the portion of meat, you can also add 1 container of Greek yoghurt. The lunch will keep you full for 3-4 hours which is the time needed to digest the meat.

The snack will help not overeat for dinner, so you shouldn’t skip it. You can have an organic banana or a small green salad. You should avoid any dressings or extra ingredients in your salad, and keep it simple. Whether you’ll choose the banana or the salad they’ll both help you keep you digestive system active until the following meal.

The banana is quite rich in protein and normalizes your bowel motility, which means that it will help your metabolism clean your body from all the toxins.


You should have in mind that dinner should be before 6pm and after that you should not eat anything. After 6pm, you should give your digestive system a rest and antioxidate it with water and tea only.

Your dinner should consist of two hard boiled eggs and an organic green salad with slices of cucumber, extra-virgin olive oil and a little Himalayan salt.

After your dinner you should make yourself 1 liter of green tea (4 teabags into 1 liter of water), which makes 3 to 4 cups of tea. By drinking only 3 cups of green tea you will burn 80 calories, isn’t that great?

Stick to this diet and you will see results in a week. Always remember that if you want to achieve something, you have to be persistent and disciplined.

Good luck!