Bushra Ansari First Time Talk about her Divorce in Ahsan Khan Show

5 years ago Bushra Ansari got divorce from her husband Iqbal Ansari. Iqbal and Bushra got married in early 1980s . Veteran actor Bushra Ansari spilled quite a few beans about her life in a recent interview, except, she made sure they were well cooked.

In conversation with Ahsan Khan on a local TV channel, Ansari talked about her divorce for the first time. The actor got divorced 5 years ago and never shared the matter with her fans and she still refrained from sharing her struggles.

She shared that her personal life may disturb the fans who have an image of a healthy, positive family and happy marriage in their minds.

Ansari did not blame the people for getting involved in her personal life or feeling disappointed by someone else’s personal matter, since the audience is always made an active part of a star’s life.

“I don’t blame them, I don’t get angry either, I know that happens. ( tribune.com.pk)