Beautiful Unseen Behind the Scene Pictures of Drama Yaqeen ka Safar

This drama is impregnated with the elements of social norms and patriarchy. The worst and the best existed faces of the society have been featured. It’s not a journey of one girl but almost of 90% girls in this country. The writer tried his best to unveil the ground realities of those savages who give no space to a woman to live. Every person regardless of gender has to ambulate this journey of mistrust in order to be trusted.

Mostly, It’s a woman who is being judged for her actions but this drama gives us a definite echo of the other voice of society that it don’t even spare the reverent men as well. People tend to manipulate the reputation of those who always try to do good to others and are least flexible when it comes to discipline and righteousness. Another element, that is badly needed to be addressed, is a female blaming an innocent man for raping her. It’s been a practice come tradition for long to take revenge on someone in this way by the so called “enjoying power” who can afford to hire the conscious of anybody under the blue sky.

The writer underscored every single aspect that is mandatory to be discussed and mend as soon as possible if we want a bright future as a nation. To write this drama is no less than a crusade against all types of exploitation.

Every character in this drama, though major or not, simply justified with their roles. No drama could touch the peak of success if a team work is derived away. Watching this drama made me feel every single emotion that the characters were going through. Undoubtedly, It’s a marvellous piece of writing for many decades to come along with mind blowing acting of the cast who made it feel more life like.