Beautiful Pictures of Pakistani Celebrities Mother and Daughter

Zara Noor Abbas with Mother

Extremely beautiful and gorgeous Zara Noor Abbas is the daughter of Asma Abbas who is our legendary actress and also the sister of the asset of Pakistan Bushra Ansari. Since her career in the industry Zara is paving grounds for more and more success.

Rubina Ashraf & Mina Tariq

Mina Tariq is the best addition in the Pakistan industry so far and she has proved it with her debut  in drama Ruswai. She has earned fame overnight with the release of that drama which is still on aired. She is the daughter of the loveliest Rubina Ashraf.

Iman Aly with her Mother 

Iman Ali is the daughter of the great Abid Ali and Humaira Ali. She inherited the talent from her talented parents and rocked the industry/.

Saba Faisal with Daughter Sadia Faisal 

Sadia Faisla is the daughter of Saba Faisla who needs no introduction as she is the asset of the industry and has given almost every hit project.

Saba Hamid with her Daughter Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi is the daughter of well known actress of the industry Saba Hameed. Meesha is a singer, actress and model.

Fatima Effendi with her Mother 

Fatima Affendi with her mother who is also a veteran actress. Both actresses are equally talented and beautiful.

Parveen Akbar with Daughter Rabya Kalsoom 

Parveen Akbar has given many years to serving the industry. Her beautiful daughter Rabya Kalsoom is another best addition in the industry as she is rocking the floor with her mind blowing acting skills and beautiful appearance.

Amar Khan with her Mother 

Amar khan is a beautiful new face of the industry. Since her debut in Pakistani drama industry she became the talk of the town for her captivating looks and marvelous acting skills. She is the daughter of famous actress Fareeha Jabeen.

Javeria Abbasi with her Daughter Anzela Abbasi 

Javeria Abbasi has always been a well known name of the industry. Her daughter Anzala Abbasi is absolutely following the footsteps of her mother and getting success in the field of glamour like anything.

Ushna Shah with her legendary mother Ismat Tahira who has worked on radio and TV both and was a renowned actress of her time.