Beautiful Pictures of Hania Amir 23rd Birthday Party Hosted by Asim Azhar

Damn! 23 already! Time flies man. I’ve always felt that I’ve grown up too quick compared to others my age and it used to be a bitter sweet feeling but I also know that MAN! your experiences are what make you YOU. I wouldn’t have been where I am today if it hadn’t been for the life I’ve had. The hard times make you stronger than ever and make you truly cherish the happy ones. This year I decided to eliminate all kinds of negativity from my life; any person that made me feel less; and to not be dependent on anybody else for happiness. It’s hard in the start when you filter your life out like this but it’s always better to have people around you who actually care.

This birthday I was surrounded by people who have been with me since the start or who love me for who I am. The OGs. I knew they were happy in my happiness and truly cared for me. No facade no pretense. That’s what you want to feel like every single day of your life. Surround yourself with people who are truly happy for you and will be by your side what so ever! Some of my gems were missing but hey they don’t love me any less! Here’s to loving yourself and being your own happiness and surrounding yourself with people who truly matter.  Happy Birthday To Me.