Alizeh Shah and Resham Dance Rehearsals for Hum Style Awards

Alizeh Shah and Resham Dance Rehearsals for upcoming Hum Style Awards 2021. Rehearsals Have Officially Started for the 5th Hum Style Awards. The 5th Kashmir HUM Style Awards Nominations for the ‘2019-2020’ Are Out Now!! you can vote your favorite at the Hum Style Awards Website.

The Two Gorgeous Ladies Resham and Alizeh Shah At Rehearsals for 5th Kashmir Hum Style Awards 2021. Behind the scenes at the rehearsals of the upcoming Hum Style Awards: playing guess the movie/TV show with Alizeh Shah and she turns out to be quite a whiz! 

HSY and Resham Will Be Setting The Stage With Their Performance at the 5th Kashmir Hum Style Awards! Keep Following For More Updates