Actress Yashma Gill Shared her Story of Becoming a Muslim

Actress Yashma Gill shared her story of becoming a proud Muslim from and Atheist via an Instagram post – talking about depression and how she overcame it. We applaud her for her being brave enough to share her story.

The only one time I was truly myself Infront of the camera. Almost forgot that there was a camera placed in the room. I hope the interview won’t bring me hate because I spoke about my journey from being an atheist to a Muslim Alhamdulilah and how it healed my depression for me.

I hope everyone takes it in a positive way and may learn something positive through my struggles and the story I have shared on screen for the first time. (Sorry in advance to some really close friends who are going to complain about never having heard this part of my life from me). Really excited for this interview. The interview will come out in two parts, part-1 will talk about my journey in Alif and part-2 about my struggles with religion and depression. Part-1 to be released this Thursday at 8pm on YouTube and part-2 on October 5th Saturday at 8pm