Actress Aina Asif on Set of Drama Hum Tum

Actress Aina Asif on Set of Drama Hum Tum. Aina Asif is a famous Child star in the Pakistani drama industry.

She said, Junaid Khan is One of the best actors and mentors, and of course, never fails to make me laugh. His talent in music and acting is unquestionable. One can never have a down moment with him. He’s so genuine to everyone around him. My dear Sarmad Bhai!

She said, Sarah Khan is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most decent personalities I have met in this industry so far.  Since the first day at shoot, she has been such a sweetheart not only to me but to everyone present on the team.  I’ve learned so much from you Sarah Baji, you can’t even imagine. You are truly an inspiration and the person I will miss the most.

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